AMH Corporation (AMHCo) developed its housing module in response to the worlds accommodation problems including those resulting from natural disaster situations. Apart from use as emergency accommodation, the shelters can be used for holiday accommodation, motel cabin developments and granny flats.


The automated production line for constructing the module can be carried out either within a factory environment or from a mobile production operation. The production can be completed by utilizing standard semi-trailers to transport the raw materials and production facility to the site. A standard 35m2 unit can be produced at the rate of 3 units per hour.


The monocoque structure of the module overcomes the existing major deficiencies of current housing products and provides for safe housing in natural disaster conditions in winds up to 320 kilometers per hour, earthquakes, and tsunamis, among other natural disasters. This strength is important as a large proportion of existing accommodation does not meet with any recognizable building code or simply fails to withstand the next disaster event.


An analysis of the potential competitor markets in Australia and overseas has highlighted that the AMHCo product is extremely cost competitive, particularly having regard to consistent quality, delivery speeds, safety and being environmentally sustainable. It truly becomes the economic housing choice in projects where large numbers of housing units are required.


AMHCo has developed a housing system
suited for world markets which is Fast, Safe and Affordable.




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